Sudheer Babu six pack show for Shamanthakamani

Action hero Sudheer Babu is well known for his fitness maintainance. The actor bagged a decent hit with his last movie, Bhale Manchi Roju and is now coming up with the same director for the movie, Shamanthakamani.

Sudheer Babu will be showing his six pack abs in Shamanthakamani as stated by him. He posted on his official facebook page yesterday “All set for the body shots in #Shamanthakamani tomorrow. 4 months of hard work might not even be there for 4 secs in the movie but those 4 secs will be watched even after I am not alive, makes it all worth.”

Sudheer is sharing screenspace with Nara Rohith, Sundeep Kishan and Aadi in Shamanthakamani.

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